We accomplished a lot since the Republican majority took control of the Ohio House of Representatives in January 2011. We confronted a battered economy with lower estimated tax revenues and spending that we could not afford. Notwithstanding those challenges, the House Republicans passed a balanced budget that did not raise taxes. In addition, we eliminated the Ohio Estate Tax effective January 2013. We also passed many measures that will result in a more efficient government and better regulatory environment. But there remains more to be done:

Pursuing Efficiency in State Government

Ohio's economy has improved, but more can and should be done to promote business and job growth.

Following my pledge of providing common sense conservative leadership, I worked hard and stood-up against increased taxes, fees, burdensome laws, and unfunded mandates in 2009 - 2010, and helped lead efforts in 2011-2013 to make Ohio a better place to do business, raise a family, and retire.  The State of Ohio needs to continue its efforts to find efficient and effective method of providing essential government services, while uncovering and eliminating wasteful spending.

Pursuing Economic Growth, Job Creation, and Lower Taxes

Small businesses continue to be a critical component of our economy.  Ohio must create a more friendly business climate in order to attract and retain businesses.  We eliminated Ohio's estate tax effective 2013, and provided our citizens with another reason to remain an Ohio citizen, especially in retirement.  We made progress in the past few years with legislation aimed at putting a stop to new regulations that are unfairly burdensome on our small businesses.    However, more needs to be done. Burdensome taxes and existing regulation continue to interfere with the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of our citizens. I continue to work to make Ohio a top choice for starting, growing, and relocating businesses.

Putting our Families First

Families are our most important resource and source of strength. Our citizens must be encouraged and empowered to work hard for the betterment of their families. We continue to strive to reduce the income tax burden faced by our families, and continue efforts to make our neighborhoods safer for our children.

Protecting the Unborn

I am and always have been pro-life. We need to protect the lives of innocent, unborn children. We must do more to provide education and alternatives to abortion, such as adoption, to those confronting this decision to ensure that the sanctity of human life is protected.

Prioritizing Education

Our schools play a critical role in the development of our children into young adults. We must all strive for and demand excellence in the education of our children, and keep schools accountable for delivering on the promise of a bright future. 

Protecting Second Amendment Rights

I believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees our right to keep and bear arms. I will support an individual's Second Amendment right, and oppose legislation and regulation that infringes on that right.